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      2018/07/10 17:43

      Mosquito-repellent incense these toxic substances contained in the quantity is little, the degradation rate is very low, volatile toxic substances into the atmosphere, can be small, is like the ink droplets into the sea, will not affect the human body.

      Mosquito-repellent incense kills mosquitoes and is harmful to human health.

      Regular products can be used safely!

      Now most of the main components of the mosquito-repellent incense, is a strain of pesticides, such as chlorine desflurane deltamethrin, cypermethrin, propiolic chrysanthemum ester, propylene chrysanthemum ester, ES biological chrysanthemum ester, etc.), it is the state permits the use of a "low efficiency" pesticides, are toxic, belong to WeiDu (pesticide toxicity in China is divided into five: highly toxic, high toxic, medium, low toxicity and WeiDu, mosquito-repellent incense products toxicity level should belong to DiDuJi or WeiDu level).

      Besides in the mosquito-repellent incense, the content of these pesticides is not high, as long as the regular store for mosquito-repellent incense normal manufacturer production (with production license, issued by the department of agriculture of pesticide registration number, pesticide production license), and the rational use of words, there is no harm to human body, can be at ease use.

      When using mosquito-repellent incense, you must pay attention to these 5 points

      1) no mosquito repellent incense for 24 hours!

      However, it is best to start with some mosquito-repellent incense when it is needed (in the evening). After lighting the mosquito-repellent incense, please open the window for ventilation.

      2) beware of skin allergies

      When you use a "traditional" pan incense, the smoke from burning it can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

      3) do not light excessive mosquito coil incense in a closed room

      Otherwise, it may cause dizziness, headache, nausea, blurred vision, difficulty breathing and other toxic symptoms.

      4) keep the mosquito-repellent incense on your head

      The mosquito coil incense should not be placed on the head, which can reduce the inhalation of toxic substances and smoke.

      5) pregnant women, infants and patients with respiratory diseases should use with caution

      For infants, pregnant women and people with chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma, it is best to install mosquito nets, screen Windows, screen doors and other physical methods to keep mosquitoes away.